✨ Magetown ✨

Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the mage.town moderators.

  1. Don't be an asshole. This includes the obvious, such as blatant bigotry, harassment, and hate speech, but also the less obvious: if someone tells you they feel you are being unkind, stop!
  2. Magetown is not a free speech zone. "Disciplinary action," such as it is, will only ever be used as an absolute last resort in Magetown, but in situations of overt cruelty or repeated callousness, I will not hesitate to cast on you a spell of "banished from Magetown forever." 
  3. Go nuts, show nuts, whatever! But please use a content warning (the "CW" option that shows up when you make a post). Sexually explicit content, gory or graphically violent content, and triggering content related to mental illness and substance abuse should always have a CW.
  4. More CWs is better. Other mastodon instances frequently enforce rules around using CWs for content such as politics, alcohol & drugs, eye contact in images, sexual themes, food, and negative posts in general. We have no hard-and-fast rules about those topics here, but try and be mindful!
  5. Local-only posts should stay local-only. If someone in Magetown has posted something with the local-only privacy setting, it is a violation of trust to share that content outside of Magetown. Always seek explicit permission before sharing someone's local-only post with others.
  6. The following ideologies are NOT welcome in Magetown, ever: alt-right, nazism, white nationalism, religious fundamentalism, anti-feminism, radical "feminism"/TERF/SWERF, truscum/transmed. There is zero-tolerance among mages for bigotry.