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Note: I'm curating this feed for my writing/reading interests, so please don't be offended if I don't follow you back from here (& I'm flattered by any follower on this account: thank you!)

I'll follow a wider range of people & topics from my NZ-based instance. 💜

so many great images I want to boost but won't as they don't have #AltText on them, takes just a few seconds more and makes your post more readable to those that need it, even if it's just a plain description it's better than having a file name read out to you

Catching up on #DecRecs I’m also adding Aliette de Bodard’s most recent release (and my most recent physical book shiny): The Red Scholar’s Wake!
The only sales pitch I needed for this was “lesbian space pirates”, but if you need more how about a cool murder mystery and stories where being a parent actually impacts the narrative?

Lunchtime work sketch. Always trying to squeeze drawing in to limited time slots.

#MastoArt #Sketch #AnimalArt #Cat #TraditionalArt

I can't believe I get to say this, but my book is now on Goodreads! 😭♥

So, I guess I'm supposed to say, please add it to your 'want to read' list? 🙏🙏

Things you will find in The Algorithm Will See You Now:

💫Fast-paced plot
👩‍🔬Women in STEM
🩺Seattle medical setting
💏Romance subplot

#WritingCommunity #Books #Bookstodon #thriller #SciFi #AI

If you see this toot (yeah this one right here), can you boost it for me? It will help my new server federate with the wider Mastodon network. 🚀 🙏

Thanks to anyone who can do this. It is really appreciated! This server is small but will be hosting several #peace #SocialJustice and #Humanistic groups, so it is for a good cause.

Any interested beta readers?

Remember I mentioned my upcoming book titled Rounding Down?

I'm looking for a few beta readers who think they are the perfect audience for this book. The description is in the screenshot below or on the application form. Even if I run out of beta reader positions, I'd still love to be in contact with you about the book.

#books #trans #fiction #gay

In this year of my reading adventures, I consumed a lot of horror. There were so many awesome books by insanely talented writers. Here are my top ten horror books of the year. @bookstodon #books #horrorbooks #reading #bookstodon #horror #horrorfam

Some authors I read in 2022 who deserve more shoutouts.

-Piper Huguley (hist fic, romance)
-Stephan Lee (YA)
-Tiffany D. Jackson (YA horror)
-Liana de la Rosa (romance)
-Roselle Lim (contemporary fic)
-Naomi Hirahara (mystery)

They're not all on Mastodon so seek them out on IG, sign up for their newsletters, or the bird app if you have to.

#2022reads #bipoc #bestof2022 @bookstadon @diversebooks

Oh hey #Writers - in case you were worried, because hello #ImpostorSyndrome - your book can both be light and entertaining and still have deep messages hidden within. Or not! There's no requirement for writing something "world changing" because we need ALL kinds of stories.

#WritingCommunity #WritersOfMastodon

Braph stopped the drill to meet her eye and reach out his flesh hand to her wrist in what he thought might be a reassuring touch. “Trust in my vision, my love. This is for the betterment of—” Myself, at least. “—us all.”

Thinking about the people whose writing careers haven't even taken off because of lack of accessibility, disability, family obligations and work. And my heart sinks.

You write two poems.
One's nice and rhythmic, sensible, accessible. People will like it. It's smoothness. Its reserve. The way it echoes the echoes. Opens flowers deftly without harming the plant.
The other poem is a brute. It bruises what it touches. No one wants it. Its fruit all spikey and spiteful. You might swallow, but it cuts all the way down.
You know which one's the real poem.
This hot stove you've never learned not to touch.

#poetry #poems #amwriting

I remember a bible story from my youth about Joshua asking God for help in battle, and God made the sun stand still to give Joshua more time to win.🌞

I might need to pray a similar prayer, not because of a battle, but because I have too many books to read.📚 📚 📚

Actually, there's never too many books, just not enough time.😂 :pensive_party_blob:

Keep your friends close and the friends who give you books closer

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

I am looking for some work, so please help me share?

I am a graphic designer with 4 years experience doing layout for #ttrpgs and I have worked on over 50 games ( )



If anyone knows of some cool trans Black women I could interact with, that would be awesome!

For context, I am genderfluid and Black.

(did you know that occasionally I do full book reviews? lmao)

Lunar Love is a book I've needed my whole life. For all the mixed kids who never felt like they were enough, there is no right or wrong way to be you. And Lauren gets it, and Lunar Love gets it. 🤍

Have you added LUNAR LOVE by Lauren Kung Jessen to your TBR yet? Let me try to convince you why you should:

#bookstodon @bookstodon @diversebooks #books #reading #bookreview

You know when you (metaphorically) cut yourself a little bit to bleed on the page?


And, you know when you then accidentally write over that file?


It's on cloud storage. Fingers crossed an older version of the file is salvageable...

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